And the Winners are ………..

Obama may have won, but there is a far more important competition going on.

Yes! This is what you have all been waiting for. Who has won the coveted Innovative Teachers Awards?

So, if you are drinking red wine as you read this post, put your glass down. You won’t want to spill any by leaping with excitement.

The 96 VCTs presentations have been whittled down to 28 semi-finalists.

Here are some of my favourites:

Parimber from India has set his own community on the UK Innovative Teachers Network; he would welcome you joining and contributing any ideas.

Tom and Kieran are one of two entries from Northern Ireland to make the semi finals. Their VCT involves creating revision materials for GSCE that are shared through mobile phones.

Eileen, also from Northern Ireland, is a primary school teacher. Her VCT involves one of my favourites things, ‘creepy crawlies’, that she has created with her class.The class has also created a conversation web site to support this work.


This is my good friend Ousamane from Senagal. He has devised project designed to educate his pupils about the dangers involved in illegal immigration.

Ronald is from Uganda, where de-forestation is a major concern. He has created series of lessons that educate his students about this issue.
and finally ………………………………

Dan Roberts is one of our Teachers from the UK! You've heard about him already here.

Congratulations, Dan! You are a semi- finalist. Good Luck in tonight’s Gala Dinner.

Here’s hoping you will win one of the awards.


You can download all of the Virtual classroom tours of these teachers from the UK Innovative Teachers Network site. You will need to locate the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum community, which can be found under the Communities tab. All the VCTs can be found in a folder in this community called VCT Upload.

Which ones do think are award-winning?

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