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One of the best things about my job is having an American Boss. It is my unofficial role to educate Kristenimage in the lesser known nuances of UK culture, especially Wales! So it was with some surprise that she asked me to blog about ‘Bet Lynch’. Had she been watching the Corrie Omnibus over Xmas and wanted to adopt the fashion style of the world’s greatest barmaid…? Unfortunately, nothing of the sort, it's just my poor hearing.

What I needed to post are the BETT links used and mentioned in the Partners in Learning presentations at BETT 2009.

The times* of the Partners in Learning Presentations each day are:

11.00 Building ICT confidence for Teachers and Learners
13.30 Re-Inventing the curriculum with ICT
14.30 Building ICT confidence for Teachers and Learners
17.00 Re-Inventing the curriculum with ICT

The Microsoft Stand is D30 & D40

* these times are subject to change, so come by and visit us to make sure you have the correct times.

Building ICT confidence for Teachers and Learners – This session is presented by myself and two teachers, Dave Garland (Deputy Headteacher) and Dan Roberts (Assistant Headteacher) from Saltash.Net Community School. We will talk about how the Innovative Teachers Network has contributed the Saltash.Net Community School’s programme of transformation. There will demos of the technology the school is using and a short demo of Microsoft OneNote. We will also be announcing how you can obtain a free web part to integrate the Innovative Teachers Network into your school's Sharepoint platform.

Re-Inventing the curriculum with ICT – presented by Kristen and Damian Kenney (Director of E-Learning) from Bowring Community Sports College. They will talk about how the school has re-designed its curriculum to meet the needs of their students. Damian will highlight how they have utilised technology to achieve their success.


Microsoft Innovative Teachers Network

Microsoft Innovative School Programme –

Innovative Schools Case studies - Videos

 Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum -

Hunterstone (our partner in the ITN web part development) –

Microsoft OneNote LinksMicrosoft Office and Learning Styles (This is a community on the Innovative Teachers Network and is free to join)

Worldwide Telescope –

Photostory – Create video stories and videocasts

Photosynth – Create 3D tours from 2D images

If you are attending BETT, stop by the Microsoft stand for a visit. Kristen and I will be there all week!

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