One week to go

There are only 7 days left before the closing date for submissions for the Microsoft UK Innovative Teachers Forum. If you were thinking of submitting a Virtual Classroom Tour (VCT) yourself or know of a teacher whose work in the classroom deserves recognition. Then this is the week when you need to be putting those ideas together.


Here are some tips to help create and submit your VCT.

- Join the UK Innovative Teachers Forum Community

- Have a look at the VCTs submitted for the World Forum in Hong Kong

- Check your VCT meets the following criteria.

- You do not have to include all the resources you used. Just some examples.

- Use links to websites and resources

- Include plenty of examples of the outcomes for your learners

- Try and include some details of the impact your work has had on your colleagues and school.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about your VCT submissions

We are really excited about this year’s event and are eagerly looking forward to seeing the great work that is taking place in schools throughout the UK. The winners will be announced on February 10th.


Last Years Innovative Teachers at the European Conference in Zagreb , Croatia

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