Education Auditory Response System

Wearable technology is the next big thing in technology and it’s use in education is only now just being realised with a plethora of glasses technology being released shortly. The Partners in Learning UK Expert Educators research team has been field testing a piece of technology that utilises not vision, but auditory signals.

The research team decided to look at the use of audio in the classroom, feeling that audio had a greater significance to learning than other means of communication. After all radio was the first widely available communication technology, film only took off when audio was added and the mobile phone is primarily an audio device.

Built around existing Bluetooth technology the Education Auditory Response System is a simple headset receiver and transmitter combination that connects to a Win 8.1 device and utilises many existing apps.

For example, text, emails and tweets can be converted to speech using speech synthesis and sent to other users, either automatically or on demand through speech recognition and spoken commands.

The spoken word for in lessons can be recorded and saved as audio and or automatically transcribed into the users OneNote and saved to the cloud in Office 365 or Onedrive.

Teachers can ‘flip the classroom’ by recording their lessons directly and sharing them with students for downloading later.

Bing Search is used to find keywords in the audio allowing information to be easily found and sorted.

Using Bing translator, communication between different language is seamless, as it translates in real time languages to the choice of the user. This will revolutionise how we teach foreign languages in the future. If we need to teach them at all.

Finally , it’s not all about work, the system comes with a free subscription to Xbox Music allowing students to stream their favourite music and podcasts. Don’t worry this has an override which the teacher can control either with an app or by a series of voice commands.

This technology sounds very exciting, but unfortunately it is only still in beta testing. The planned release is exactly a year from now in 2015.

In the meantime check out the work currently being done by students at community school, where through the system, student voice is literally that .

Students at community school testing the system

For more information about the Education Auditory Response System please contact via Twitter @innovativeteach and @offperts

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