OneNote and Learning Styles

In 2007, Microsoft held our Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Helsinki. It was a fantastic event, and one of the highlights was a keynote speech by Danish educator Dr. Ole Lauridsen. Dr. Lauridsen is director of a new learning styles lab at Aarhus University and as part of his work has looked into OneNote and how it is able to adapt to different learning styles.

Stuart and I have both sung the praises of OneNote in this blog. And on the Innovative Teachers Network, you can find Dr. Lauridsen's original guide OneNote "OneNote and Learning Styles - a perfect match" in the Office and Learning Styles community.

Now there are even more resources available. Dr. Lauridsen visited Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, USA last year and gave this talk, recorded and viewable online for anyone who wants to learn more.

Mike Tholfsen, test manager for OneNote in Redmond and Microsoft's biggest advocate for OneNote in education also posted Dr. Lauridsen's paper on Office and Learning Styles in its entirety on his blog. Here is an excerpt:

There are many learners at all levels who know about their learning styles strengths, but are not familiar with an adequate ICT platform that supports these strengths. For these learners the Miscrosoft application OneNote is the solution. Conversely, there are OneNote users who tend to get lost in the many features and the flexibility of the program; their use of the program can be much more focused and efficient when they use their learning styles strengths as their points of departure.

If you're still not sure what OneNote is all about (and really, how can you be at this point, with as much as Stuart and I drone on about it), you can view a demo here.

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