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We may have a conference for you.  Capture

(Let me just clarify something, because it confused me at first. This conference is for teachers interested in Computing – how computers work and how to program them, rather than ICT – how to use computers. If you teach Computing or are interested in teaching Computing, read on.)

Thursday 18 June and Friday 19 June, the Computing at School working group is running a conference titled “Computing, the Next Generation” at the University of Birmingham. Here’s what you can expect (taken directly from their Web site):

Looking for inspiration to breathe more life into your lessons?
Are you frustrated by current opportunities for teaching Computing within ICT?
Do you struggle to find dynamic resources to engage your pupils?
Do you wish to enhance your own skills… to keep pace with your students who seem to ‘know it all already’?

Then join us, for a unique opportunity to hear from practising teachers and educators about developing computing in our schools. Experience first hand the magic of computing from the people behind the wonderful cs4fn website. Have fun with Tim Bell from New Zealand, and explore how to teach computing without a computer! Learn to use Greenfoot from the master, Michael Kölling and engage pupils’ interest by exploring the Computer Science inside their phone, mp3 player, or game console, with Quintin Cutts.

The conference is sponsored by The Council of Professors and Heads of Computing and Microsoft Research, and as such, it is FREE to attend. Just go to their web site ( to see the conference programme and download the registration form.

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