Spring Makeover for the Innovative Teachers Network


It’s that time of year again. You are looking in your wardrobe and last year’s fashion and nothing fits --everything seems to have shrunk over the winter! Surely I haven’t put on that much weight, you think! Then you realise how dusty and tired looking everything is. So before you know it, you're shopping, buying new clothes, dusting, painting and generally giving everything a spring clean.

Kristen and I have felt the same way latley, so we've put on our virtual aprons and picked up our digital dusters and given the UK Innovative Teachers Network (ITN) site a good spring clean.

First, we have completely refreshed the welcome page of the site. Now when you sign in to the site, not only you will see some different graphics and a refreshing new colour scheme, but you'll also get a new layout. We have tried to add more information to the home page so that you are able to see in more detail the activities that going on within the network. (Stay tuned: we’ll be adding some more feature articles shortly.)

You also have easier access to to other areas of the site via a simple navigation menu on the left hand side of the home page. This makes accessing free resources such as Peer Coaching and Enquiring Minds a breeze.

Accessing some of the free resources we offer through the Innovative Teachers programme has also been made simpler. From the welcome page you can get the free download of Microsoft AutoCollage, which lets you make photo montages. You can also download the ITN Web part, another free resource that allows you to access the site and its content directly from your learning platform.

But we are not stopping there - there are many more exciting changes on the horizon! Soon you will be able to sign in to the ITN using your Windows Live ID, making registering and logging in even more convenient. And there will be even more free content to download, such as videos on how teachers are using Microsoft applications in the classroom.

To tempt you even further, Kristen and I have been working really hard to let our colleagues in the States, who produce the Innovative Teachers Network, know what teachers want in terms of a support network. We are sworn to secrecy in terms of details, but we can tell you that we suggested an Innovative Teachers Network that has the feel of Facebook with the flexibility of the tools that are part of the Windows Live portfolio. They didn’t say no.

So watch this space -- as soon as we can give you a look at the next version of the Innovative Teachers Network, we will!

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