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Do you ever have those moments where you know you’re forgetting something that is so blatantly obvious it’s practically staring you right in the face? Stuart and I have weekly discussions about what to tell you about in this blog, and somehow Learning Essentials, a great FREE resource to help you use Office in your teaching, completely escaped us. Luckily our colleague Ray wrote about it last week, and we’ve stolen from his blog here:

Learning Essentials is a free add-on for Office, which contains a set of tools to help teachers and students. Things like curriculum templates, and toolbars for Word, PowerPoint and Excel to help students and teachers get started on projects and stay organised during them.

  • Teachers get things like handout and presentation templates, marking rubrics, bibliography tools, maths symbols, and a simple "Create Test" wizard.
  • Students get tools, templates and tutorials to help them get past "Blank Page Syndrome", language tools and templates, and tips and tutorials for managing projects and producing high-quality work.

You can find out all about Learning Essentials on the worldwide Microsoft education website, which includes links to download. It works with Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP (that pretty much covers everybody!). If you want to see what it can do, then take a look at the Learning Essentials Tour.

You can download it directly from the website – choose the International English version of the download, which comes with a range of foreign language capabilities added.

Let us know if you’re already using Learning Essentials, and if so, what you’re doing with it. We find that very few people know about it - which makes sense considering that we forgot to mention it!

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