How much do you trust your students?

From what I’ve seen visiting schools in this country, I’d say on the whole…not much. (Don’t feel bad; teachers and schools in the US trust students a lot less.)

The level trust we have for students and pupils is always made obvious when I visit other countries. Here are two examples.

Denmark: I visited the Hellerup School, a primary school outside of Copenhagen, which is set up with “home” areas for pupils

new podcast on Enquiring Minds from Futurelab researcher Ben Williamson. It’s a 32-minute presentation created for the BETT show, and it talks to you about the enquiry-based learning approach and how you can get started. If this is something that interests you, go to the Enquiring Minds community on the Innovative Teachers Network and look at the Enquiring Minds Guide, Professional Development resources for teachers, and loads of other resources in the community. (You can find the Student Help Desk curriculum, training and resources on the ITN as well.)

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