Planning for Next Year (Post #4): The Climate Mystery

In May, I blogged about The Climate Mystery, an online game and alternate reality universe where students learn about climate change and issues while they try to save the world from certain disaster. If you want to use this curriculum with your students in September, Microsoft and Congin (the game creators) have published new resources to help teachers use it in your classroom.


The new teacher materials for The Climate Mystery can be found on The Teachers Toolbox Skydrive. Here you’ll find the following documentation:

  • A teachers’ guide that introduces you to all of the available materials and gives you an idea of the time you’ll need to allocate to run the programme as well as technical requirements, classroom setup, suggested discussion topics and assessments and loads of other useful information.

  • The Climate Mystery Manual, a user guide for students that helps them work through the web site and navigate the different episodes of the mystery.

  • A curriculum mapping document that helps you map The Climate Mystery to your own national curriculum and standards.

  • Episode guides for all 16 episodes.CM

In addition, the new global web site for The Climate Mystery is available at Here you can sign up for email alerts and find more information about the game, which officially launches all around the world on 14 September.

This is a great opportunity for your students to learn about relevant environmental issues in a fun and motivational way, and we hope that the teacher materials will make participating in The Climate Mystery even easier for you and your students.

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