100 posts – A review of the Innovative Teachers Network blog


This is how Wordle sees this blog if we use it to analyse the content we've written over the past word. We are really pleased to see that we are clearly focussing  on teachers, but also, we are really pleased to see the prominence of teaching and learning, resources, community and the word innovative. We think these words really reflect what we have been trying to achieve in the past 12 months.

Kristen and I never expected this time last year that we would have written over 100 posts, containing over 51,000  words and our blog would be in the top 90% of blogs in the world in terms of readership.

I have had a look at the statistics that our host site provides about activity on our blog. It give us some indication of what has been the most popular post with you, our readers. I have used those statistics to produce a list of our most popular blog posts.

Top Ten most popular Blogs posts -

  • For all you technology teachers out there- We have no idea why this blog post is the most popular with the readers, I can only imaging that technology teachers really wanted to go this event. Did any of you go ?

  • Harri , just the boy next door – Do schools need to re-think how they engage young pupils with technology , in light of they use it at home, Harri seems to think so.

  • Award Winning Teacher- Mandeep Atwal – Obviously another proud Mum in action here, and who wouldn’t be when your daughter has just become an award winning teacher. Mandeep was also our most searched keyword term for a short while

  • The death of PowerPoint – This was one of my favourite posts to write. A really funny video and some great ideas of what can still be, and is, a great application for schools.

My favourite post to write this year has probably been ‘A random act of genius’, where I described the work of John Davitt and his Learning Event Generators. This almost convinced me to go back to the classroom as such an approach to learning is so exciting.

Kristen has always wanted to be Maria in The Sound of Music, so her favourite post is ‘These are a few of our favourite things…’ written at the Innovative Teachers Forum in Vienna. This has been the closest she has got so far to playing that role. Maybe with the free copy of Songsmith that you can download from the Innovative Teachers Network, she will be able to create her own version of this song.

What has been your favourite post? Let us know.

Some of you have asked for a picture of Kristen and I in our blog planning meetings. We are happy to oblige. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog; we very much appreciate your comments and are glad that we can contribute in some small way to the superb work you all do in your schools and classrooms.

Here's to another 99 posts!

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