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My wife teaches 4 year olds, so I am always under pressure to deliverkar2 ideas for that age group through my work with the Innovative Teachers programme. Some may call this nagging, but she assures me that I'm not being treated any differently than any other husband. I think I will definitely be in her good books this week.

I am really pleased to announce our third birthday blog gift for you, our readers. We have teamed up with the award-winning team at Immersive Education who are kindly offering one of their Kar2ouche packages, completely free to members of the Innovative Teachers Network.

Kar2ouche uses creative role play, picture making, storyboarding and animation to support pupils' learning. There are over 50 packages in the series. Through this blog and the Innovative Teachers network, you are able to access for free, the full version of Creative Writing – English Literacy for early years/Key stage 1/Foundation phase.

To download this great resource you will need to be a member of the Innovative Teachers Network (which is free to join) and navigate to the Immersive Education – Creative Writing Community (you will find it listed on the Welcome page and as a link in the feature articles). Although you will be able to view the community, you will not be able to access the download links until you click Join the Community. When you do, you will receive an email from the guys at Kar2ouche, giving you access to the community and download links. Please be aware that the download is 300mb, but I can tell you that it's well worth the wait.

Why not let us know how you are using this software with your pupils? Better still, why not document your use of Kar2ouche as a Virtual Classroom Tour and enter it into the Innovative Teachers Awards?

We hope you and your pupils enjoy this free software. Remember to check back with the Kar2ouche community, or simply set the Alerts feature, so that if new free titles are added in the future, you will be notified.

Here is some information from Immersive Education describing the great activities you can undertake with this software.

Creative Writing Summary: KS1 English Literacy

Creative Writing provides examples of just some of the ways Kar2ouche can be used to enhance your students’ learning through visualisation, discussion, speculation and exploration. It links closely with the National Curriculum and the National Literacy Strategy as well as the Early Learning Goals for the Foundation Stage. In addition, lesson suggestions incorporate activities that can be used to develop ICT capabilities and could also be used to complement PSHE teaching. All of the activities are cross-referenced with the relevant attainment targets for English, ICT and PSHE from the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1, the National Literacy Strategy and, where appropriate, the Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals. The activities also link with ideas suggested in Developing Early Writing (DfEE 2001).

The four units are:

Unit 1 The Three Little Pigs: Contains 3 activities based on the story of The Three Little Pigs for reception classes. The focus is on sequencing aspects of the story and retelling.

Unit 2 Cinderella 1: Has 5 activities and uses Cinderella as the focus for Year 1 and takes students through elements of planning stories, plot and character.

Unit 3 Cinderella 2: Contains 3 activities and focuses on Cinderella, but here Year 2 look at retellings from different cultures.

Unit 4 Familiar Settings: Has 3 activities for Years 1 and 2 and looks at story-writing in everyday settings.

Stay tuned to this blog and the Innovative Teachers Network for your next FREE birthday gift as we continue our September of giving!


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  1. lol. says:

    I went on Kar2couhe and I found it amazing!

  2. cece says:

    It's very good and I really like it!

  3. annie says:

    C'est fantastique! (it's fantastic in spanish)

  4. cece says:

    It's very good and I really like it!

  5. lol. says:

    I went on Kar2ouche and I found it amazing!

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