BETT 2010 – a New Years resolution you can keep

One of my new Year’s resolution is to get fit again; I suspect many of you have a similar resolution. Well, it's not going to be workout videos for me. No, I’m going to j0411827endure the annual marathon that is the 2010 BETT show. If last year's event is anything to go by, I should lose loads of weight, or at least die trying! But it's up to you, the potential visitors to the Microsoft stand, who will keep me on my feet and busy with questions about the Partners In Learning Network, if my weight loss is going to be successful.

The Partners in Learning Team have been limbering up for the event over the last three months, and we think we have a programme that will make your visit to BETT and the Microsoft stand a productive one. First, we have a number of ‘pods’ where we be able to show you the ‘new and improved’ Partners in Learning Network. We will be able to demonstrate the new features and what the site can offer you in terms of supporting professional development in your school.

We will also have an announcement about a special competition. I can’t tell you any more until next week (yes, it’s that big a deal). But I can tell you that if you are at BETT, make sure you come visit us and ask for a USB stick, which will have all the competition details on it.

Supporting us on the stand will be Dave Garland from community school, who will be presenting on the work his students have done with the preview version of Semblio, and Alan Hamilton from Stirling High School, who are part of the Innovative Schools Programme.

But we are not the only team with great stuff on the Microsoft stand at BETT. You will be able to see presentations and demos about Windows 7, Office 2010, Bing Maps and Microsoft Education Labs and much, much more.

We have so much great stuff to show you that we should be quite busy, especially as we have 10,000 USB sticks to give away. Surely, I will lose some weight. Mind you, I have the BETT awards dinner to attend, as we are shortlisted for an award for the Partners in Learning Network. So I might end up undoing all my good work in just one evening!

I am pretty confident I can keep my resolution and lose some weight, I certainly need too. But, I can give you one resolution that you can definitely keep, and that is visit us on the stand D30/D40, ask about our competition and claim your free USB stick.

We will be posting full details of the competition when we make the official announcement next week, so keep an eye on your RSS feeder for the update.

In the meantime, hope to see you at BETT and any inferences that this post has made that Kristen needs to lose any weight are purely coincidental.

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