Bringing the Partners in Learning Network to your SharePoint site

Back last year we announced the release of the first web part that let you ‘plug’ in the Innovative Teachers Network to your SharePoint learning environment. webpart There have been a number of developments and significant changes, especially to the Innovative Teachers site, now the Partners in Learning Network (PILN). To reflect this we have commissioned a new and redesigned web part, which can fit into any SharePoint-based virtual learning environment. This enables you to log in to the PILN and search for resources, communities or professional development without leaving your VLE.

This web part joins the wealth of other free resources offered by the PILN and can be downloaded from our partner Hunterstone’s website. Click this link to download the web part .

It is probably a good idea to contact your IT manager or SharePoint developer to install this web part. If you or they require any support in installing this webpart, support documentation is included in the download.

So now teachers can access the Partners in Learning Network directly from their VLE, putting the great resources and activities it contains at their fingertips.

If you haven’t already done so, you can easily add this blog to your your school site or portal using an RSS feed. That way your teachers can keep up to date with all the latest news from Microsoft Education and the UK Partners in Learning Network.

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