InnoVID competition – FAQs

The InnoVID competition is Microsoft's competition for UK Teachers to showcase their best practice using Office 2007 , and a chance to win 20 Netbooks for your school. It caused a great deal of interest on the Microsoft stand at BETT this year. We tried to anticipate all the needs of teachers who wouldj0439536 enter the competition, but even Kristen and I can't think of everything. So here are a list a of most recent frequently asked questions we have received.

Question: Is this competition open to teachers who work in FE Education and Sixth Form colleges?

Answer : Yes, as long as you are a teacher working with pupils and students between the ages of 4-18 then you are eligible to enter.

Question: I have loads of ideas for videos can I enter more than once?

Answer : No, its great you have lots of ideas. But, we can only accept one entry per teacher. Your school can submit as many entries as it likes, although each entry must but from a different teacher. So why not share your ideas with your colleagues and encourage them to submit a video?

 Question: I work as a support teacher in a number of different schools. Can I enter the competition?

Answer : Yes you can, but you must nominate a school to which the prize would be given if you won. You must also obtain the permission of the Headteacher/School to enter the competition on their behalf.

Question: Can students enter this competition?

Answer : No, this competition is only open for teachers in the UK.

Question: I am a teacher who has just retired, can I enter the competition?

Answer : No, this competition is only open to teachers currently working in or with UK Schools?

Question: I am a trainee teacher, can I enter the competition?

Answer : Yes, but you must be currently on teaching practice in school for an extended period and have permission of the Headteacher/School to enter the competition on their behalf.

Question: Do I have to use the Microsoft software mentioned in the competition details?

Answer : Yes, This competition is about about sharing and showcasing the ideas and innovations teachers are developing and using in their classroom, with our technologies.

Question: I only have Office 2003 in my school, can I make video using that, even if it is about something you can do is Office 2007 as well?

Answer : No, we are only looking for videos that show how you use Office 2007 in the classroom. (Even if it is an activity that could be undertaken in Office 2003, which wouldn’t have the ribbon menu for example.)

Question: I want to show how I use Office 2007 with the internet, will Community Clips record mouse and screen actions outside Office 2007?

Answer : Yes, Community Clips can be run from inside Office 2007 from the Ribbon bar. Or as a separate application, which resides in the notification area of the your windows task bar.

You can find full details of the InnoVID competition in the community on the Partners in Learning Network HERE. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to try and answer them. Please post them as a discussion thread in the community, and Kristen and I will respond. (Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and other people's questions first, though, as your question may already have been answered there.)

Thanks, and good luck!

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