When I thought I couldn’t love PowerPoint any more – Office Mix

imageReaders of this blog will know what a fan I am of PowerPoint – You may have read my Power-Up series . But, with all the talk of Devices , Apps, Services and Computing. We have not forgotten one of the greatest and most versatile applications ever created.

Now you can make PowerPoint presentations into a truly interactive online learning experience. We are calling this a MIX. (yep , we are down with the Kids at Microsoft)

Everything you need to create and share your mix is included in the FREE add-in for PowerPoint 2013. Add audio and video of yourself giving your presentation, write on slides as you talk to them, insert quizzes, practice exercises, and more – all from within PowerPoint.

Think screencast, but better. All you need is Office 2013 and the free Office Mix add-in.


We will sharing with you shortly some Mixes created by some of our Expert Educators. In the meantime download it for yourselves and start ‘mixing it up’ in your classrooms.

What’s more is that if you have taken up Student Advantage, Free Office for your students. They can get and use Mix too. It would be ideal fro presenting course work for example.

If you have any ideas and thoughts we would love to here from you. Please leave a comment or let me know on Twitter @innovativeteach

In the meantime to get you started, try these help videos.

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