Digital story telling tools from Microsoft

My previous post described how you can use AutoCollage, timageo tell digital stories in the classroom, here is a great example from one of our award winning teachers, David Rogers, whose students have used this free application to make a comparison of their local area.

Microsoft has a number of free tools that are ideal for digital storytelling, we have blogged about many of them, applications such as Photostory, Photosynth, Moviemaker, Deep Zoom Composer and even PowerPoint. Now there is available a free resource that describes in detail the benefits to learning of storytelling, as well as a practical guide to begin to create your activities in your classroom.

Digital Storytelling in the classroom is a free e-book available here from Microsoft Education. It describes how using digital media to tell stories develops the following areas of development.

image1. Creativity and innovation
2. Communication and collaboration
3. Research and information fluency
4. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making
5. Digital citizenship
6. Technology operations and concepts


Along with guidance, practical advice and examples this e-book is ideal to develop ideas about using technology in the classroom. along with this e-book you can download templates of storyboards and assessment criteria.

If you have any ideas and experiences of using these, or any other applications that your students are using to tell their digital stories, then please leave a comment on this blog. we would love to hear from you. 

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