Koduthon 2014– Building Algorariums , Fish tanks of algorithms

koduhowellsLast week saw a 100 students and their teachers attend the 2nd annual Koduthon, hosted at Microsoft Headquarters in Reading. Armed with their laptops and tablets they were charged with developing virtual fish tanks, creating artificial intelligence beings in Kodu, using simple algorithms. A project I call , Algorariums. Using simple Kode, students aged between 7-16 had to create a virtual fish tank, where the Kodufish had to respond to each other and behave like living things. They had to move, shoal , reproduce and even poop! yes, all of this can be created in Kodu. Despite it’s simplicity, Kodu can be used to create complex systems.

One school had a particular job of training Microsoft staff in the Kodu. There were a number of very happy people walking around our office proudly holding their certificate.

Needless to say all the schools had a great time, the ‘Pick and Mix’ helped with that. But, this event shows , whatever your age and or ability in computing. Kodu is not only a great introduction to coding, but also a powerful platform to develop higher computational thinking.

(and before you ping me an email asking where was your invite. These schools were on the reserve list from last year)

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  1. Leon says:

    Thats   so epic!!!!

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