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Production is running high in creating your videos for the Innovid Competition and with 3 weeks left before the closing date, many of you are ready to begin recording your ideas. So we have had a lot of questions, one in particular has been ‘Can we use Office 2010 in our videos?’. Not surprisingly, it seems that many of you have downloaded Microsoft Office 2010 Beta to try out its new features. This means that you no longer have Office 2007 on your computers, and the process of reinstalling is perhaps putting you off submitting an entry into the competition. So not wishing to inadvertently penalise those who have installed Office 2010 Beta, and preventing them from entering the competition, we have made an addition to the terms and conditions. In that you are now able to use Office 2010 beta in your videos.

No preferential view will be given to videos using Office 2010 Beta, the Judges will be focussing on strong , innovative ideas that teachers can use in the classroom using the Office suite. Also, don’t forget, you can include other applications along with Office in your video, such as AutoCollage or Photostory, or even a website or two.

If you are still looking for some inspiration, then why not have a look at these examples . This example here of how to create 3D surface charts in Excel will also give you some inspiration.

You can view the full terms and conditions for submitting an entry on the Partners in Learning Network in this community.

You can find a list of FAQs here.

A free Microsoft Office 2010 beta version can be downloaded here.

Good luck with the competition, we are looking forward to seeing your great ideas.

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