Free Tools for Teaching – from Microsoft

static_160x600_freetools We were thrilled to see an email from our colleagues at Microsoft headquarters recently that contained a link to all sorts of free guides, videos, templates and other tools to help you use technology in your teaching. Just go to and you’ll find a wealth of resources on these topics:

Digital Storytelling: New resources created by our colleagues in the US that include teacher-created templates and links to tools to help you create activities around storytelling for your students.

Free Tools: Links to downloads of free software and ideas of how you might use it in your teaching

Microsoft Office: Tutorials, a guide and other materials that help you make the most of Office.

Windows 7: Cool shortcuts and other features of Windows 7 that might make your life a little easier (several of the tips and tricks here help me every day)

Windows MovieMaker: The tried and trusted tool that many of you have used for years with your learners already.


Some of the materials will look a bit familiar to you here, as Stuart has already blogged about part of the digital storytelling resources and we’ve talked about a lot of the “free tools” already in this blog. But it’s worth your while to check out the rest – you might just find something that will help you with your lesson planning next week (or next lesson, as the case may be…).

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