UK Partners in Learning YouTube Channel launched

Over the past year, the work we have undertaken with teachers and schools has resulted in us creating and collecting a plethora of video resources. We imagewanted to make sure that we are able share these with as many of you as possible. So we have created our very own YouTube Channel. The UK Partners in Learning Channel is a ‘one stop shop’ to access all the digital media that we use and have created through the UK Partners in Learning Network to support teachers and schools. The content we currently have includes:

  • All the Innovids, created by teachers for by teachers. These give practical advice and guidance on how to use a range of Microsoft applications to support learning and teaching. These are ideal CPD resources to develop your own skills or to use with others in training sessions.

  • Parental Engagement case studies, these explore how five different schools have used technology successfully to engage parents in their children’s learning.

  • Innovative Teachers Programme videos, in which community school describe how the Innovative Teachers programme and Peer Coaching have played an important role in their school transformation jpurney.

We have also created a favourites section, where we have bookmarked videos Kristen and I have used in presentations and workshops, and those that we have seen that have inspired us.

There are a number of playlists so that you are able to find videos around a particular subject such as Parental Engagement and using Excel across the curriculum. Clicking on the title of these playlists gives you an URL which you can place on your school portal or blog, giving easy access to these resources.

You can also subscribe to the channel , this means that when we post some new resources you will get an email telling you about them. You are also able to leave leave comments, we would love hear what you have to say or questions you have about the videos and even comments about which video resources you would like to see and find useful. So tune in to the UK Partners in Learning Channel and access a bank of resources that can play an important part in the professional development of yourself, colleagues, staff and school.

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