Change is a good thing – Our New Blog design

You may have noticed a few changes to our blog, this because the system it is hosted on has been completely re-built, giving us the opportunity to completely re-design the blog’s look and feel.

We have a new look and have made some changes that can help you find the information you want more easily, here are some of those changes that will help you.


  • You may not always be able to access or use an RSS reader, so now you can easily subscribe by email to this blog - and get updates delivered straight into your inbox. On the top right, you'll see a little box that you can put your email address into.


  • It's easy to find content using tags down the right are now so much easier to use. The menu on the right of this page shows the top 25 tags that have ever been used on the blog, but if you click on one of them, you can see all of the tags - making it easy to find posts with the same subject - like teaching ideas, or Free resources 
  • You can sort the blog posts by when they were published, how many views they've had, and which have most comments. The post that has the most views is this one. Which is surprising as AutoCollage is our top search keyword.The most commented post is Practice makes perfect- What is it teachers are professionally developing? 
  • You can now rate posts using the five little stars above each post. (Not that Kristen will be comparing how may stars she has to me….. she will!)


  • imageIt is now really easy to cross post a blog post to your favourite social network site. Click on the post title and use these links.
  • For the moment the search now searches every blog on the MSDN site, not just this one. Which is ok if you’re looking ideas about SQL data . But it’s not helpful if you want to find content on just this one. We have been promised that next month it'll be back to normal, but in meantime, perhaps experiment with tags to find stuff easily.
  • It is now so much easier to comment on our posts. Just click on the post title and then scroll to the bottom of the post. We would really welcome your comments. If you have not left a comment before why not respond to this post. Tell us what you think of the new design.


adapted from ‘Welcome to our new blog’  -Thanks Ray

Comments (2)

  1. James Hancock says:

    Bad thing: RSS has "Blog Post" prefixing every entry. This is maddening. Of course it's a blog post! Please have someone get rid of it!

  2. Stu4rt says:

    James, Thank you for your comments. I have searched through all the settings that I can control, but have found no solution to this. Also I can't recreate the issue as I use IE8 as my RSS reader. Any help from anybody out there to solve this would be welcome.

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