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No ideas submitted from anybody this week, I suspect it is that time of year with everybody busy writing reports, and not even the lure of the coveted pink Partners in Learning USB stick could tempt you from such an important job.

So , I thought that I would remind you of a tool that I have used and think is ideal for teaching Modern Foreign Languages.  Although not a modern language, but to many  of you it will be foreign. Welsh is taught in all schools in Wales, and Photostory is an application used extensively to support welsh language teaching. So I thought I would share this idea, as it is my only experience of language teaching.

For those of you who don’t know Photostory, it is a free download, available here . It allows you to present still images as a video slideshow with narration and music.

Using it from scratch in MFL lessons is great, with students recording experiences and ideas in their chosen language with images they have collected themselves. They can make tourist guides and adverts for example, as well as to tell stories. But, I have seen Photostory used in a much more focused way, that encourages pupils to think about specific language patterns and vocabulary. To do this the teacher has inserted a set of specific images, that focus on a a specific topic such as food or the family. They have added some support language structures in the narration section. Pupils now have a focus on a particular aspect that the teacher wants them to explore and practice. This is saved as a Photostory project file. Allowing it to be shared, edited and saved by the pupils. The videos produced can be assessed, shared and used for revision.

So don’t forget about Photostory, its been around a while, but it is a a great tool to have in your teachers toolkit.

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