Microsoft Summer Camp 2010

With 20 teachers attending this year, it has been the most successful event we have held. We covered the idea of creating simpleimage instruction videos we call Innovids, as a tool for professional development. But, not only did teachers create some great resources and explore some useful free tools, they also received training in delivering the CPD process for themselves, to apply to the use of technology in the classroom. It’s very easy for me to say how great an event this was, but I thought I would leave it to some of the teachers who attended to share their thoughts:-

Graham Eyre on his blog said

one the key things that I got out of the day was the number of free add-on’s and stand alone programmes created by Microsoft for educators. Some of these I have come across before but many were new to me. This was really refreshing as mentally I always categorise Microsoft as boring nuts and bolts. Read more >

Dan Roberts in his blog said

The main focus for the summer camp was to create these little quite sexy things called innovids – basically short nuggets of video tutorials that teachers and students can watch and then try out some of the ideas in their classrooms.You can see the current crop of excellent innovids here from last year’s campers and also some case studies that may be useful!    Read more >

Niki Maddams who won our Innovid competition earlier this year said

During our time there myself and the other “happy campers” spent a large amount of time sharing and discussing ideas with each other and learning about lots of fantastic free tools from Microsoft. We spent the second day creating demo videos on how to use various Microsoft tools in the classroom. Read more >

But perhaps the most thought provoking post came from David Rogers, who also attended the Google Teacher Academy earlier in the summer.

At Microsoft we were there to work, create and explore the tools available. At Google I felt we were there to absorb information and then go out and spread the word. Both events were inspirational.  Both events provided a wealth of simple, effective and cool ways in which to transform learning . I found that I got more out of the Microsoft experience as we were part of the culture of the organisation for two days.  We were able to wander the building, use breakout and 60 minute rooms, sofa’s, grab a drink at will.  The result was lots of conversations along the lines of ‘why are you doing it that way?’ or ‘Have you seen this?’ Being able to have unstructured time that was hand’s on allowed us to really explore the products.  We even met with one of the programming team – arranging a face-to-face meeting through Twitter. Read more >

Thank you to all the teachers who attended Summer Camp. We will be publishing the new innovids shortly on on our Youtube channel and you can follow the development on twitter through the hash tag #mscamp .

Keep a look out for details of our next event, the UK Innovative Education Forum

Comments (3)

  1. Kristianstill says:

    As a result of the #MSCamp I certainly have a growing appreciation for the breadth of Microsoft software and their support towards education. You only have to review Graham Eyre's list to recap!

    However, what impressed me most was the often simple and innovative way my colleagues at the event re-purposed these tools to suit their, or their students needs. Web Queries for Science, developer tools for in presentation data collection (any subject) just two examples demonstrated at the close of the event.

    I was not 100% sure what to expect from the event. Although  I found the task of creating these 'quite sexy things called innovids' a little solitary at times, I was inspired by scribbled notes on the 'dry wipe walls,' my colleagues commitment to their practice and their general vibrancy and mutual respect. Certainly, these innovids  have the potential to impact upon the use of Microsoft products by all our staff back at the ranch.

  2. Stu4rt says:

    Here are some more thoughts from Simon Johnson, who travelled from Scotland to be at the event. Read his blog at…/Reflectionsofahopefulteacher

  3. David Rogers says:

    Thanks for quoting my thoughts!

    Really enjoyed #mscamp and hope that there will be lots more PIL events!

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