Virtual Classroom Tour–a CPD portfolio and competition entry

imageIf you have been following this blog for a while, you will have often heard Kristen and I talking about virtual classroom tours, more commonly know as VCTs. These are the project submissions that we receive and share at the Partners in Learning Innovative Education Forums. We have over 200 VCTs hosted on the UK Partners in Learning Network site. These have been created by teachers throughout the UK, many are award winning projects. There are also a large number from teachers right across the globe, they show how technology is being used to support great learning and teaching in other countries.

The VCT is a simple PowerPoint template, that is not meant to be the usual slide presentation. But an e-portfolio, documenting a project that a teacher has undertaken.

The template consists of two slides. The first asks for a summary of the project, the software used, the age range of the pupils and details of the school.

imageThe second slide is where a teacher can place examples of resources used and created during the project. This can include photos and links to websites that were used in the project. This could be a link to the school’s learning platform, especially if it is hosting resources and/or outcomes of the project. We also encourage the uploading of any video resources used to the schools learning platform or YouTube, and links added to the slide. Video could be simply embedded on the slide, but this has a tendency to make the file size a little too large.

But, probably the two most important documents are the embedded Word files. These provide the detailed thinking behind the project and the reflection about the impact on learning. This is the unique feature of the VCT, as it asks teachers to reflect on the most important outcome, learning.

The Virtual Classroom Tour concept has been adopted by many schools and Local Authorities as a professional development tool, if you are interested in using it, please feel free to download the template and modify how you wish.image

The best way to experience the benefits of using this concept is to document a project that you have done or are doing in your school, and enter it into this year’s Innovative Education Awards which will be announced at our Innovative Education Forum in November. So download the template attached to this post and get started.

UKIEF VCT template 2010.ppt

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