UK Innovative Education Forum 2010 Workshops – Technology and Outdoor Learning: the best of friends?

Fellow Welshman David Rogers will be running this workshop (Workshop 1 on the registration form). He plans it to be highly interactive. After considering the importance of outdoor learning, delegates will get the chance to explore in small groups while completing a mission from Mission:Explore. It might be a good idea to make sure you have suitable footwear if you want venture outside. Although David will probably be wearing shorts, that perhaps is a step too far for many in November!

Mission:Explore is 102 missions that are designed to encourage young people to safely explore issues in their local environments.  The missions have links to geography, PSHE, sociology, history, maths, science....... While exploring, delegates will use their personal mobile devices to Tweet, Email or text the results. The hash tag for the event is #ukief10.

On returning there will be a brief discussion and feedback session based around two questions:

  • How can technology help learning outside of the classroom?
  • How could Mission Based Learning be applied to your school?

The session will end with some practical examples of where technology has been used to enhance or transform the outdoor learning experience, including what happens when you ban pens, pencils and paper.

Read David's Blog: or follow him on twitter

Find out more about The Geography Collective here: /

Find out about Mission:Explore here:

Find out about our campaign here:

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  1. Juliet Robertson says:

    ICT and outdoor learning have gone hand in hand for many years. My first introduction to the Internet was working in a Canadian outdoor centre where we used weather websites to track tornadoes passing through, back in 1995.

    2.5 yrs ago I visited the Canadian Ecology Centre which prides itself on its use of ICT in outdoor learning However I'm looking forward to more mobile devices becoming cheaper to use and geared to the outdoor environment….mind you there's quite a nifty looking waterproof iPad case that still enables the touch screen to work.  

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