Kodu Kup 2014 UK Finalists

We are pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the UK KoduKup. Their achievement is even more remarkable as over 300,000 pupils in the UK have been using Kodu.The Kodu Kup finals.<br />
Photograph: Rosie Hallam.

Each team will be invited to compete at the KoduKup final held at Microsoft Headquarters in Reading on the 17th July. Where they will battle it out for the covered title of KoduKup champions and a chance to compete in the KoduKup Europe in Brussels later in the year.

So please join me in congratulating:-


  • ​Team Fly Fish - Human Body (Hampden Gurney School)
    • Teacher: Kiri Wilkins
  • Gryphon Games - Zack's Amazing Adventures (Exmoor Coast Federation)
    • Teacher: Siobhan Morgan
  • Minion Productions - Trapped in Your Own Mind (Hitherfield Primary School)
    • Teacher: Luke Parker
  • Cardross Primary (Scottish finalists)


  • ​Phantoms of Gaming - The Grand Master (Lister Community School)
    • Teacher: Shalee Begum -
  • Madd Hatt Games - Confined (​Uppingham Community College)
    • Teacher: Ray Chambers
  • Stargamer Studios - Defeat the Devildroid (Highgate School)
    • Teacher: Mark O'Connor
  • Seemakhawk - Kodu Eruption (awaiting school name)
    • Teacher: Norman King

​Judges Choice

  • ​Team Missile - Jetpack Joyride (Hampden Gurney School)
    •   Teacher: Kiri Wilkins
  • Illustration Masters - Mad Mazes (Marsden Primary School)
    • Teacher: Jay Stansfield
  • Haverstock Girl Gamers - Mission Saviour (Haverstock)
    • Teacher: Cameron Akitt -
  • Sweet Rain Productions - Doodle's Arcade Crisis (Lister Community School)
    • Teacher: Shalee Begum

All these games will be available on the Kodu Game Lab site shortly, for you to download and try.

Thank you to all those schools who entered this year, you have grown KoduKup to an even bigger success. The standard of entries was amazing, your students are truly the computational thinkers of the future.

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