Innovative Teacher MEETing–Manchester 29th Nov 2010


Sign Ups for this meeting are now closed.

We have reached the venue capacity. Thanks

Venue - Hilton Deansgate Hotel in Manchester

Time - 7:30pm-9:30pm

This is the first time we have hosted such an informal, free event for Teachers, and we are hoping that this something we will do more often in the future.

Please Join us for drinks and canapés (which I think this is a posh word for crisps) and hot topical debate, with a bit of  fun thrown in, at the Hilton’s vibrant Cloud 23 bar, that provides 360-degree views of Manchester.

If you have been to a Teachmeet or an unconference like event before, you will have a good idea of what to expect at this event. If you haven’t, then you will enjoy the informal nature of this event.

We are looking for volunteers to speak in the following:-

  • Mini-Presentations for 10 mins
  • Nano- Presentations 3mins.

We will also have some Microsoft minute presentations, from our Innovative Teachers highlighting the great free stuff we have to offer.

What to discuss and present

We are not looking for product demos or examples of work, unless they illustrate your issue or theme. We would like presentations on issues that are relevant to teachers and learners.
For example:-

  • How can you possibly learn through playing games?
  • Is the curriculum meeting the needs of 21st century learners?
  • Is twitter really good CPD for teachers? How can we now afford technology?.

Through such topics we hope to spark debate, conversation and inspire some ideas on how to meet such issues.

How do I sign up for a presentation?

That’s easy, just add your name and presentation topic/theme and presentation type (Mini or Nano) as a comment to this post or email me at . Internet access can be intermittent at such venues so be prepared with an alternative, this just adds to the fun. There is no guarantee you will present as presentations will selected at random.

How do I sign up to attend?

If you are looking to attend add your name as a comment or email me at 

If you are attending our UK Innovative Education Forum at the same venue, and staying in Manchester then you are probably already attending, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign up here as well.

You can follow twitter hash tag for this event at #itmeet 

We will end the evening with the presentation of awards to this year’s Innovative Teachers, we hope you will join us to celebrate their achievements. There is still time to enter our awards, more details here.

See you there….

Agenda – sign up via comments

Mini Presenters - 10 mins

  • Alessio Bernardelli - Why broadcasting your pupil's work is a confidence booster
  • Dawn Hallybone - Why we need to use Game based learning
  • Stuart Ball - Do we need the role of ICT co-ordinator?
  • David Rogers - Guerilla Innovation - does everything need to be planned?
  • Ian Addison - Why we should blog with children
  • Jan Webb - Why our VLE works for us
  • Colin Graham - Regular Twitter discussions - Waste of time or genuinely helpful CPD?

 Nano Presenters - 3 mins

  • Alessio Bernardelli - Great learninig involves risk and failure - a Deep Zoom view
  • Mandeep Atwal - Giving Students a voice.
  • Jen Deyenberg - Web 2.0 for learning
  • David Rogers - This is our Geography - Why having a dept vision is important
  • Daniel Stucke - Pupil Led CPD - Digital Leaders
  • David Mitchell - How a real audience can add depth to learning
  • Chris Mayoh - Protecting your online identity using Avatars
  • Zoe Ross - Engaging girls in technology


Andrew Wild
Fiona Aubrey-Smith
Steve Warburton
James Green
Steph Ladbrooke
Janet  Chapman
Alan Parkinson
Frank  Farrell
Dr Stephen  Musgrave
David Mitchell
Ian Addison
Flower  Tokutsu
Anne Morris
Jamie Bowring
Francisca Wheeler
Zoe Ross
Miles Hudson
Anne Strachan
John McLear
Lucy Jayes
Drew Buddie
Nick Jackson
John Sutton
Bob Harrison
Dughall McCormick
Marc Richardson
David  Miller
Andy Fisher
Colin Graham
Umran Naee
Kevin McLaughlin
Steve Buce
Dawn Hallybone
Jenny Ellwood
Jo Crumblehome
Tony Sheppard
Neil Smith
Kristian Still
Kerry Turner
Alessio Bernardelli
Bev Hartland-Smith
Sangeet Bhullar
Chris Allan
Bill Quinn
Julie O'regan
Lee Batstone
Gideon Williams
Rebecca Smith
Julie Boyle
George Purdy
John  Barlow
James Goodill


Peter Richardson
Thomas Sale
Jo Ness
Kat Howard
Karl Goddard
Helen Morgan
Katie Hauge
Catherine Elliot
Walter Patterson
Emily Nisbet
Ceri Williams

Comments (11)

  1. David Rogers says:

    Hi PIL Team,

    This looks like a great idea! I hope that I'll be able to get there in time in the hire car!

    I would like to throw my hat into the ring for a mini-presentation please:

    'Guerilla Innovation: does everything really need to be planned?'

  2. Jan Webb says:

    Hi PIL team

    Really looking forward to being able to join in this event – will try to say "Why our VLE works for us" in 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!

  3. Daniel Stucke says:

    Sounds good.  I'll happily do a quick nano on "Pupil Led CPD – Digital Leaders".

  4. David Mitchell says:

    I'd like to add a 3 minute presentation into the hat:

    How a real audience can add depth to learning.

    A 3 minute look at how a Year 6 child's blog post made it round the globe in one night and returned with interest!

  5. Zoe Ross says:

    Hi 🙂 I'll happily do a 3 minuter if there's still room:

    Engaging Girls in Technology

  6. Peter Richardson ( primarypete_ ) says:

    I'd like to attend – no presenting this time, just a fun filled evening watching everyone else hard at work!

  7. Thomas Sale says:

    I would also like to attend, a fantastic opportunity to network with half of my PLN and be inspired by so many innovative teachers.

  8. Jo Ness says:

    I'd like to attend to see if anything new is being done with PSPs and/or DS…

  9. Kat Howard says:

    I would like to attend to look at new ideas/ projects which have worked successfully across other organisations/ schools and how we can inspire staff in schools  

  10. John Sutton says:

    I'll talk about my new Blogtheolympics project – review the massive success of and call for ideas and help to make Blogtheolympics even bigger and better. Could fit it in to 3 mins, but 10 would be better.

  11. Caroline Mane says:

    I'd like to attend

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