Home Access packages with Assistive Technology – Time is Running Out!

You may know families in your school who have benefitted from the government’s Home Access scheme. Thousands of families have taken advantage of this offer to provide computers and broadband for their children to use at home and school.

You may not be aware that families can apply for home access packages with assistive technologies, to help their children with special needs. To date more than 7,000 families have taken advantage of the offer for assistive technology packages, but there are many more still available to families who can benefit from them.

If you know a student who might qualify, it may be worth having a chat to their family to make sure they are aware of this offer. The deadline for assistive technology applications is the end of November. More details (from Becta) are below.

So what will a learner get in a Home Access package with Assistive Technology? As each package is tailored to the learner’s individual needs it’s difficult to say exactly, but it could include anything from specialist access devices, such as a mouth-controlled mouse, dedicated software to help them more easily interact with web pages or even touch screen technologies to help them access a computer and the internet.

Want to learn more?

Details about the eligibility criteria for Home Access packages with Assistive Technology, the type of equipment on offer and how to apply can all be found on the dedicated website www.homeaccess.org.uk
If you’d like to see a short film about how Assistive Technologies are making a real difference to learners with severe disabilities or special educational needs take a look here.

You can also learn more about how Assistive Technology helps learners, as well as finding helpful support resources by visiting the Our Home Access website’s Assistive Technology and SEN pages.

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