Do you remember your first time?

I do ! The first time I accessed the internet was in 1995, whilst on a project with BT, I logged on and looked at a website about Fractal Mathematics and Chaos theory. I know, very geeky! But did you realise that their are 9 million people in UK who have never been online, which I find staggering. So this campaign is a great idea, aims to create Digital Champions.

Any one of us can be a Digital Champion. It can be as simple doing something really quick and easy like registering someone for a free/low-cost training course, or even as organising and running an event. There are 9 top things you or or even your students could could do to be a great UK Digital Champion.

Here is what the site suggests on ways to become a Digital Champion
  1. Show people the way
    If you know of people who are unaware of how to get to a computer, fill up a train, plane or automobile and take them right to the door of the nearest UK online centre.
  2. Run an event
    It doesn't take a huge fancy conference centre to train people. A few computers, a few trainers and lots of people willing to learn it the best way to put on an event and make a big change.
  3. Share some skills
    Your web knowledge may come as second nature, but some people would be a little nervous if you asked them to hold a mouse. Using the tried and trusted Pass IT On method you can start with the basics and soon they'll be browsing with the best of us.
  4. Give some stuff
    Everyone has an old laptop or monitor hidden away at home so donate your hardware for recycling or simply wipe your computer and give it to a granny. If you're struggling to find a use for your spare change, find a community group or volunteer organisation, or gift a low-cost web-ready PC so you can help get someone online.
  5. Tell your boss
    Rather than knocking on your manager's door asking for a pay rise or moaning about the food in your canteen, see if they'd like to join the campaign and help make a difference.
  6. Make a big fuss
    If you don't fancy standing on your local high-street evangelising with a megaphone, you could try writing to your local MP, or telling your online social 
  7. Shout about what's going on
    Do you know of a local community project or training event that's helping people to get online? Send in your stories, pictures and videos and we'll tell the world.
  8. Spread the love
    From finding long lost relatives to making and sharing music, there are millions of reasons why people love the Internet. The way to get more people online is to make them love it too.
  9. Provide big ideas
    We've got our own thoughts on how to get everyone in the UK to benefit from the Internet, but two (or 2 million) heads are better than one. Spill your brains; there's no such thing as a dumb idea

    This is a great opportunity for schools to develop some great community links, utilising not just the resources of the school , but also the skills of your students and staff.

    Find out what you can do at , go on try it today.

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