From Russia With Pride

image_thumb1The curtain has finally come down on the Partners in Learning European Forum – until the next event this time next year – and it is time to reflect on what has been another amazing event. There were so many highlights that I have shared in the previous two blog posts, but at the end the overwhelming feeling was that I felt enormously privileged to be in the company of such amazing teachers. We were so proud of all four of the UK Innovative Teachers who joined us for the event in Moscow over the last week. They have all had such positive feedback about the work they are doing in their schools – it is good to know that such inspirational innovation is continuing in UK schools. I know they have all made connections with other teachers from throughout Europe and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of future collaborations. The whole event was full of impressive learning opportunities and teachers sharing their own passion with others – the projects that were the highlights for me were those which were a bit like the Russian dolls I brought home as presents, with dolls stacked within dolls, within dolls, within dolls…. scratch below the surface of the projects and there was so much depth in the learning experiences that the children were having - so many times we saw technology transforming learning experiences in interesting, new ways.

DSC00574_thumb[1]It was with great pride that we were all able to see two of our teachers acknowledged with DSC00576_thumb[3]an award, which means they will be attending the Partners in Learning Global Forum later in the year. I’m sure they are going to enjoy their own journeys over the next few months as they prepare for this incredible opportunity to share work, ideas and friendships with teachers from all over the world. Their success continues the tradition of UK teachers being recognised at these events as being at the forefront of good practice and effective learning. Many congratulations to Jenny Blum and Gareth Ritter on their success!

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