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One of the most powerful tools in our own professional development is other teachers. Professional generosity – sharing ideas and feedback with our colleagues - helps us move forward in our own practice. It helps us tweak, refine and improve what we are doing in our classrooms. I know that sometimes I don’t have time to plough through the vast range of resources and tools that are available, so tips and pointers from others have been invaluable to me. I’ve referred many times to the YouTube channel set up by @innovativeteach and I’ve really enjoyed watching the latest batch of videos prepared by teachers for teachers prior to loading them up.

The latest innovids added focus on the use of Microsoft OneNote, Bing, Autocollage and Flashcards, as well as how to increase accessibility for SEN students. You can check them out here:

A full list of the innovids available is below:
  Innovid title creator tool  
  Using Autocollage Suzy Allen Autocollage  
  Autocollage Starter Simon Woodhouse Autocollage  
  Bing - Using Image Search Dave Garland Bing  
  Bing Search Starter Activity Ollie Bray Bing  
  Bing - OS David Rogers Bing  
  Bing - Screen Reader Ceri Williams Bing  
  Bing Map Field Trips Helen Morgan Bing  
  Deepzoom Creative story telling Alessio Bernadelli Deepzoom  
  Conditional Formatting James Kent Excel  
  Conditional Formatting Ray Chambers Excel  
  Databars and Sparklines Ray Chambers Excel  
  Excel - Conditional Formatting James Kent Excel  
  Excel - Using 3D surface charts Dave Garland Excel  
  Excel - Using Backgrounds Damian Kelly Excel  
  Excel - Using Data to Tell Stories Ollie Bray Excel  
  Excel - Using Goal Seeking Dave Garland Excel  
  Excel - Using Security Settings Damian Kelly Excel  
  Excel 2010 Dropdown Menu Jen Blum Excel  
  Excel 2010 Interactive Worksheet Jen Blum Excel  
  Excel shared workbooks Alessio Bernadelli Excel  
  New Web Queries Ray Chambers Excel  
  Flashcards  Graham Ayr Flashcards  
  Flashcards for Revision Dan Roberts Flashcards  
  Basic Game in Kodu Nicki Maddams Kodu  
  Office 2007 Using Ink Alessio Bernadelli Office 2007  
  Onenote Advanced Damian Kelly OneNote  
  Onenote Basics Damian Kelly OneNote  
  Wiki Linking David Rogers OneNote  
  Linked Notes David Rogers OneNote  
  OneNote Web App Alessio Bernadelli OneNote, Web Apps  
  Photostory in the Classroom Sarah Richardson Photostory  
  Photostory Tips and Tricks Mary James Photostory  
  How to Use Mouse Mischief Dan Roberts PowerPoint  
  Movies from PowerPoint Kristian Still PowerPoint  
  Polygons in PowerPoint 2010 George Purdy PowerPoint  
  Powerpoint - Action Hyperlinks Mary James PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Adding a Photo Album Mandeep Atwal PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Custom Animation  Mandeep Atwal PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Embedding Youtube videos Ollie Bray PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Making Comic Books Ollie Bray PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Making Mind Maps Suzy Allen PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Oracy in MFL James Kent PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Using PPT Plex Alessio Bernadelli PowerPoint  
  PowerPoint - Using Triggers Alessio Bernadelli PowerPoint  
  Powerpoint Interactive Quizzes Nicki Maddams PowerPoint  
  Text Boxes in PPT Nicki Maddams PowerPoint  
  Songsmith - Editing Songs Sarah Richardson Songsmith  
  Songsmith - How to Make a Song Dave Garland Songsmith  
  Web Apps Ray Chambers Web Apps  
  Using High Visibility Settings John Mitchell Windows  
  Word - Cloze and Word Walls Suzy Allen Word  
  Word - Collapsing a Text Suzy Allen Word  
  Word - Giving Feedback James Kent Word  
  Word - Math add-in Alessio Bernadelli Word  
  Word - Tables and Charts James Kent Word  
  Word - Using a Research Function Mary James Word  
  Word - Using Forms in Languages Sarah Richardson Word  
  Word - Using Smartart in Science Dave Garland Word  
  Word - Using Templates Sarah Richardson Word  
  Word 2010 - Matching Activities Jen Blum Word  
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