Spring has Sprung

imageSpring has well and truly sprung in the Microsoft offices in Reading this week, with the arrival of the very first Easter Camp for teachers.  20 teachers, mostly from schools taking part in our Innovative Schools programme, have been taking part in a professional development workshop held over two days in the school holidays.  It’s great to know that there are teachers who are so committed to developing the learning of their students that they are prepared to give up a couple of days of their well-earned Easter holiday and that despite the challenges being faced by everyone in education at the moment, they can remain enthusiastic, committed and open to new possibilities.  Teachers were introduced to a whole host of new tools – free, as well as being challenged about how to use the tools they already have in a creative way. That’s incredibly important in these times when budgets are an important consideration in schools. As we learn things truly thoroughly when we are challenged to teach what we know to others, teachers prepared instructional guides called Innovids to demonstrate a feature or use of one of the tools they had learnt about.  The software used for the screen captures is a free download called "Community Clips”, which can be found here. The guides will be shared on the Innovativeteach Youtube channel – the first batch from Easter Camp are now available.  Why not check them out?  And why not get to grips with a new tool yourself by going through the process of making a video to explain it to your students or your colleagues?

Easy Referencing

Jeannie Nervais and Jen Blum


How to use Microsoft Photosynth

Gareth Ritter

Live Essentials, Online


Ben Rowey

Live Essentials

Making Flashcards for Drama

Lucinda Purvis


Making Phonics Flashcards

Jo Price


Piratey IF

Jane Cooke


PowerPoint Plex

Chris Mayoh


The Reference Function in Word 2010

Dan Roberts


Windows Live Writer

Jimmy Edwards

Live Essentials

How to use LiveWriter

Dan Roberts

Live Essentials

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