By Teachers for Teachers (4)…. and Thank You – to Pitmen Painters and Tech-savvy Teachers

imageThere are many amazing teachers in our schools who make a difference in the lives of the children they teach everyday. There are many amazing teachers who would love to use technology more effectively to help them do this, if only they had someone to give them a few tips or ideas about how to use it. There are many amazing teachers who know they’ve seen someone, somewhere show them how to use something …… but the memory is filed away in their brain and they just can’t seem to quite remember how.  So how can we keep learning? Keep being reminded?

There was a documentary on the television at the weekend about the Pitmen Painters. A group of miners in Yorkshire learnt about art appreciation – not by reading lots of books about the art and it’s meaning, but by actually DOING it, by getting “inside the head” of the artist by trying to emulate what they had done.  This could equally apply to the teachers who have learnt how to use a technological tool by creating a 2 or 3 minute instructional video – an innovid.  There were some lines in Lee Hall’s play, which featured in the documentary that stuck in my head:

“Real art is something that’s shared.”

Just as the miners shared their pictures and learnt from each other,  the innovids have been shared on the imageInnovativeteach YouTube channel. Check out the latest additions below!

“Real art is for everyone.”

So is learning. So is technology. So is learning using technology. What one person has learnt and developed into an innovid is there for everyone else to share and learn from. A constant reminder of those tips and tricks we file away at the back of our minds and a constant source of inspiration.

What have you been doing in your classroom that might help another teacher? What would you like to know how to do? Do you have some different ideas for using the tools that have already been shared in innovids? Let us know in the comments!

Innovid title

Brief Description


How to Compress Images using Office 2010

How to compress images using Office 2010 for use on websites or sending by email.


How to Create Screenshots in Office 2010

This video shows how to create and insert screenshots quickly and easily from an application you are working in.


How to Customise Ribbons in Office 2010

This video shows how to create customised tabs and ribbons for your class in Office 2010 - a great way to personalise resources so they are appropriate for the group you are teaching.


How to use shortcuts in Office

This is an introduction to using shortcuts in Office and other Windows applications. 


Review Tools For Assessment for Learning

How to use the review tool for self and peer assessment.


Animations in PowerPoint

This video shows how to create animations using PowerPoint.


How to Edit Photos In PowerPoint

This video shows how to use the Format tools in Office 2010 for photo editing within an application.


How to use Mouse Mischief for PowerPoint

This video shows how to use the Mouse Mischief plug-in for PowerPoint to develop interactive presentations.


How to use Plex for PowerPoint

This video shows how to use the Plex add-in for PowerPoint to group slides in a presentation


How to use PowerPoint 2010 to use create Adventure Games

This video shows how adventure games can be created in PowerPoint 2010 to reinforce literacy skills.


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