Free stuff from Microsoft #4 – Photosynth

Photosynth describes itself as a powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D. Take a load of photos of a scene, from many different angles and many perspectives. Upload them to the site and it will ‘stitch’ them together to create a 3D visualisation.

The site has some great examples. Check out these ‘Synths’ of Stonehenge and the Sphinx and the detail you can see of the Space Shuttle is amazing. Just viewing these synths makes them useful classroom resources in their own right. Challenging your students to make their own offer great learning opportunities.

Photosynth also allows you to view great panoramas, such as this one of the Grand Canyon. To create your own you need to compose your panorama using the free Image Composite Editor and just upload the finished image to the Photosynth site.

Application name – Photosynth

Free access at -

Requirements – You will need a Live ID to upload to the site and have the latest version of Silverlight installed.

If you happen to have a device that supports iOS then download the Microsoft Photosynth App to create some awesome synth images. Moving a person whilst taking the photos creates some great 'arty' effects.

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  1. bob says:

    Thanks. Photoshynth is really easy to use

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