More Free Stuff From Microsoft #6 – Mouse Mischief

imageContinuing with the theme of games being used to help learning from our last Free Stuff blog post, Mouse Mischief is a fantastic way to engage students in interactive learning opportunities and can make any Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 or 2007 into a game.

Mouse Mischief describes itself as a tool that integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, enabling you insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your lessons. Students can actively participate in these lessons by using their own mice to click, circle, cross out or draw answers on the screen.  When the Mouse Mischief add-in is downloaded, it creates a new tab within PowerPoint for easy preparation and combination of static and interactive slides .

imageThere is a wealth of resources and lessons available online and when you search through PowerPoint templates in Office 2010, there is a whole section of shared Mouse Mischief templates, too.  Check out the Mouse Mischief innovid to help get you started.

Application name – Mouse Mischief

Free access at -

Requirements –  You will need a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 2.0 or higher

If you have also downloaded the STAMP accessibility add-in and have experienced any issues with the Mouse Mischief ribbon in PowerPoint 2010, you will be glad to hear there is an easy fix by following these steps (for Windows 7):

1. Uninstall Mouse Mischief, exit PowerPointimage

2. Click the Start button

3. Type cmd and press return

4. This brings up a command line

5. Type CD AppData

6. Type CD Local

7. Type CD Microsoft_Corporation

8. Type DIR

9. There should be a single directory, with a number such as “Microsoft.Multipoint.Misc_Path_ryyvyople4fozchjgoz45ldjqotlpqht” (Note: the text ryyvyople4fozchjgoz45ldjqotlpqht will be different on your system)

10. Type RD /S Microsoft.Multipoint.Misc_Path_textfromyoursystem

11. Re-install Mouse Mischief, run PowerPoint

Comments (4)

  1. Jon Gerrard says:

    Have recently tried using kodu with my daughter and she loves it. This is a fantastic resource.

  2. Lee Stott says:

    If you interested in teaching Kodu, Nicki Maddams 'Microsoft Innovative Teacher' has produced a full 8 week curricula resources which can be downloaded at Microsoft Faculty Connection Resources –…/pfv.aspx

  3. Carlin says:

    Hi There,

    Do you actually have to use Microsoft 2.4 Ghz Wireless mouse, or does any brand of 2.4Ghz Mouse work?

  4. janwebb says:


    Good question! I have used whichever mice were easily to hand – including wired mice.  The number of mice that can be used depends on the system/setup but more wired mice can be used than wireless.

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