Colluding or Collaborating?

imageIt’s just over a year now since a change of government and a change of education policies. All sorts of challenges are being faced and without a crystal ball, there is still uncertainty about what the future holds for the curriculum, for school structuring, for trusts/academies, for pensions, for budgeting…. So in this current political and financial climate, with so much debate going on, it seems to me that there is an amount of caution that has crept into discussion and planning – and that’s wise in many ways, as we don’t want to be implementing change for the sake of change, but for the sake of improving the learning experiences of the students in our classes.

But the danger of exercising caution is that we develop a conspiracy of collusion which inhibits collaborations within and between schools. Are we in danger of staying in our comfort zones instead of pushing the edges of the envelope to continually develop and improve the ways we teach, the ways children learn, our schools, our communities? Or is the current climate creating pockets of creative “rule-breaking” – innovative ways of getting around current constraints, that encourage collaborative working and learning,  that will push current practice further? Let us know how YOU are dealing with the current challenges!

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