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Using Community Clips

A guide to using Microsoft's free download for narrated screen capture videos - great for making "how to" guides like this!.
Using Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010 This is a guide to using the conditional formatting tool in Excel.
Using Office Live This guide shows how to start using Microsoft's free Office Live tools.
Using Microsoft's Problem Steps Recorder This is an introduction to using Microsoft's problem steps recorder tool.


At last! the 100th Innovid has been loaded to the Innovativeteach YouTube channel!!!! It’s quite fitting timing, really, as it was prepared at our Easter Camp by Clare Wilbur. It’s great to reflect on the amazing work that has been done by teachers to share what they have learnt through a multimedia approach.  Innovids have been made at our previous Summer and Easter camps – but at this year’s Summer Camp, we will be doing something a little different to our innovids – watch this space for some exciting news and valuable resources!

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