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imageOne of the many pleasures of working in Microsoft Partners in Learning is when teachers in our network spontaneous begin to collaborate. A great example of this happened recently , when five teachers began developing and sharing their ideas and developments of using the Kinect SDK and Kodu, to create applications for learning.

These five teachers from the UK have shared, supported and challenged each other. Communicating through Twitter, these guys met virtually via the Partners in Learning Network. Together David Renton (@drenton72), Jimmy Edwards (@jimmy_edwards), Gareth Ritter ( @ritzertech) and Ray Chambers ( @lanky_boi_ray) are the  Face, Murdock, B.A. and Hannibal respectively. With the Queen of Kodu , Nicki Maddams (@geekynicki) adding some glamour to the outfit. As the TV series sort of said ‘ If you have a problem with the Kinect SDk  or Kodu and no-one else can help, then you need the K Team’. You can find their discoveries and resources on their blogs or contact them directly via Twitter, tell them @innovativeteach sent you.

But, joking aside, I think these five epitomise the characteristics of a 21st Century teacher. They are all great teachers, that is a given, but in addition they all utilise and have developed a professional learning network through a variety of social media, they all blog and show a high degree of professional generosity, but above all, they have their learners at the heart of everything they do.  I would be interested in what other characteristics a 21st Century Teacher should exhibit. Please leave a comment we would love to hear from you.

If you are, or know a typical 21st century Teacher doing some great things with technology, then why not enter or get them to enter the  UK Partners in Learning Awards, it could open a world of possibilities.


Nicki's Blog -

Jimmy’s Blog -

Gareth’s Blog -

Ray’s Blog -


You can download the Kinect SDK at -

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  1. Greg Duncan says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    I've added them to my Kinect watch list (Ray was already there…). In looking at their posts, looks like I've got more to share on the C4F Kinect Gallery, (…/kinect), where I just shared a post from Ray this week! Funny how these things happen. 🙂

    Thanks again

  2. Anil Sonune says:

    I am also working on Kinect to use in classroom. Really a superb device I like the way of interactivity , Well that's the future of computers

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