How computer games and their design can be used in schools. – Ollie Bray – Festival of Education #2

This is the 2nd Microsoft session from the Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington College that took place in June.
Playful Learning: What can we learn from computer games in education?

This presentation is by Ollie Bray from Education Scotland, who is a leading authority on games based learning. His presentation is a comprehensive summary of the projects he has been involved in, including the ground breaking work at the Consolarium .

In this video he asks the question, ‘How can we learn from computer games in Education?’

The presentation is in six parts:

  1. Why Games Based Learning?
  2. Contextual Hubs (Thematic Learning)
  3. Learning Games
  4. What can we learn from games?
  5. Making and creating games
  6. Why is it important to teach about games?

resourceYou can download the slides from this presentation here.

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