The Learning Suite–Our Free stuff for Education in one place

imageWe have always been big advocates of the free software from Microsoft that can support teaching and learning. It was Partners in Learning UK that first brought you AutoCollage and Songsmith for free.

The biggest piece of feedback we had about this, was that all the software was distributed across a myriad of websites, making it less than simple to install across school networks.

imageWe are now pleased to announce the Learning Suite, a collection of our favourite free applications in a simple download application. The Learning Suite allows users to select the applications you wish install and tells you which ones you already have.

Another useful feature, is that as we add resources to the Learning Suite in the future, it will automatically update itself every time you run it. Enabling you, colleagues and your students to have access to the latest free resources from Microsoft as and when they appear.

You can download the Learning Suite from the UK Partners in Learning Network or click here to Download Learning Suite

You will need a Live ID to download the Learning Suite and is only available from the UK Partners in Learning site. This will give you access to all these awesome  resources -------------------------->

If you are looking for support resources for many of the applications in the Learning Suite then, you should check out our YouTube Channel. This Learning Suite playlist has over 20, 3-5 minute videos created by Teachers explaining how to use these applications in the classroom.

Enjoy !

Comments (2)

  1. Thomas Van de Wygaert says:

    I cannot install the Learning Suite. The following error is shown when launching installer: Learning Suite could not be installed at this time. An internet connectino could not be detected. You may diagnose connection problems to establish a connection.

    And yes I'm connected otherwise this message could not been written :-).

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