Microsoft Partners in Learning UK Forum 2011

This year’s event was a  of a change of direction for us. Firstly, we held the event at Microsoft UK HQ in Reading and we had a greater focus on Computer Science and Maths. Rather than our usual focus of ICT across the curriculum. You can read the various highlights of the day from these attendees on their blogs.

Dan Roberts“ Having the opportunity to meet other innovative teachers and to look at the examples of their work in their classrooms was amazing”

Ray Chambers – “I was so over the moon about finally meeting people who I had talked to on twitter for months.”

Doug Woods – “it was refreshing to see that people still feel able to be innovative in schools despite the current economic and political climate.”

Nicki Maddams – “I felt totally inspired, listening to him (Ian Livingstone Keynote Speaker)”

Philip Anderson- “I met SO MANY people with great things to share and I had the time and opportunity to speak to so many of them too”

Jimmy EdwardsI would definitely recommend that you join the Partners in Learning Network as you will be hard pressed to find a better CPD experience anywhere”

A highlight of the whole event for me, came at the Teacher Meeting, from two teachers, Becy Allen @trainieeteacher and Katie O’Reilly @kforeilly, they are trainee teachers at Plymouth University they talked about how they use blogging and networking. Both spoke incredibly well and it was clear that they are very passionate about what they do. You can find their blogs here and here. Expect great projects from these two in the future

The Award Winners

imageThis Forum  celebrates of our Partners in Learning Teacher Award winners. This year’s role of honour is :-

Kristian Still

Hamble College

Katie Boothman community school

Will Wright

Uxbridge High school

Emma Dawson

Trinty CE Lower School

Glyn Rogers

Ysgol Gyfn Gwyn Llyw

Sarah Coombes

Tynecastle High

Jimmy Edwards community school

Lindsay Purdon

Calderglen High School

Nicki Maddams

Hartsdown Technical College

Ray Chambers

Lodge Park Technology College

(Please note Kristian Still is missing from this photo. We have no idea where he went. We suspect he is working for MI5 !)

Choosing four projects to represent the UK at the European Forum in March was an almost impossible task, but with the help of judges, Walter Patterson and Ollie Bray, we managed to identify four projects that we feel best represent some of the current innovative thinking and use of technology in the classroom.awards_AutoCollage_7_Images

The four winning projects are from – Nicki Maddams- A Kodu Curriculum, Ray Chambers, – Kinect Olympics Katie Boothman – The HIT Squad and Lyndsay Purden  - Learning Journeys with OneNote.  Sarah Coombes’ project was highly commended and all received an Xbox 360 and Kinect for their school. Their projects can be downloaded from the UK Partners in Learning Network.This year’s outstanding contribution award went to Dan Roberts.

Thank you to all  those that attended, we hope you went away inspired and full of ideas.

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  1. GrumbleDook says:

    I have a range of videos from the Teacher Meeting if you are interested. It was a fantastic evening and so infectious with ideas coming from everyone I spoke with.

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