Another year over and the new one is about to begin?

MP900443793[1]Well what a year of change it has been for Microsoft UK Partners in Learning. The year began with Kristen (remember her!) starting her maternity leave, that left me as the only team member, it’s ok I am not looking for sympathy! I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Next,  BETT 2011 , I teamed up with Dan Roberts (@chickensaltash) we did our best to make ‘Maths Sexy’ with Mathematics 4.0 , but it was Mouse Mischief the free plug-in for PowerPoint , that lets you connect up to 25 mice, that was the big hit. Jan Webb joined the team and accompanied myself and Teachers to the European Forum in Moscow, we came away not only with some interesting stories , but two award winners.

One of the surprises of the year was the emergence of a self developing network , dubbed the K-Team which is a growing network of UK teachers that utilise the Partners in Learning Network to develop and share ideas about Kinect in the Classroom and Kodu, look out for more ideas from them in the new year.

Our online resources in Partners in Learning continued to grow and develop with our YouTube channel getting over a 100,000 views worldwide. we will be adding more of our teacher videos from our free training events for teachers in Scotland , Wales and during the Easter and Summer breaks. We will announce those events on this blog. The network of teachers using Partners in Learning as part of their learning is still growing and was evident with all the new faces at this year’s UK Forum.

IMAGE_011We began our Partners in Learning Institute programme for Elite teachers and Educators, with Dan Roberts attending the first Partners in Learning Institute training in Seattle. We will be launching our our programme in the New Year, in the meantime if you are at BETT, keep a look out for our top educators wearing these badges.

We end the year with yet more success at the Worldwide Forum in Washington D.C., award winner Gareth Ritter continues to have an impact globally, expect to see more of him next year.

So it seems things have come full circle, I am still the only member of the team, but the good news is , I have the pleasure and challenge of filling the very expensive shoes of Kristen as the new UK Partners in Learning Manager, thanks to everybody for your support this year. I am looking forward to supporting and growing the best educator network I know in Partners in Learning next year. It’s going to be very exciting. See you all at BETT 2012, and something's haven’t changed that much @chickensaltash will be joining me there too.

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