The Learning Suite–Good things come in small packages

We have talked about the Learning Suite in a blog post in December. But since then we have undertaken some great work around its imagedevelopment and it’s evolving in to great free software and resources package for schools, teachers and students.

Inspired by some brilliant thinking from our Partners Manager, Mark Stewart, we have been able to add an additional tab, that allows companies that partner with us to give away free content. We have 7 partners on board and will be looking to add more in the the future.

clip_image001Here are those Partners and an outline of the resources they are offering free through the Learning Suite.


Providing free access to popular articles, images, study guides and games from the Britannica Online Schools Edition . With articles on the Solar System, Pollution, Percentages, Ancient Greece and Weather. There are Study Guides onPercentages, Human Eye and Ancient Greece and a collection of images, videos, & games about the Human Eye, Photosynthesis, Fractions and Literacy

Oxford University Press

Providing free access to 2 hours of English Language practice exercises, written by . A fantastic offer of Year free subscription to the online Essential GCSE ICT Test and Assessment Tool and Free access to Oxford Owl, providing parents guidance on primary reading, math and more

Nelson Thornes

Providing Math essentials, that offer tips and advice to help secondary students prepare for their exams. .

Hodder Education

Practice every question, supporting students through exams. Walk through questions, self assessment tools and customized question resources for teachers to use with their classes.

Global Grid for Learning

Global Grid for Learning provides a safe and reliable way for teachers and students to search, stream and download high quality and copyright-cleared learning resources from trusted content providers. Our growing library of over one million digital multimedia resources makes it easier for teachers to engage, motivate and inspire media savvy students.

Global Grid for Learning ensures teachers and students have seamless access to the digital content they need, when they need it for anywhere, anytime teaching and learning.


A PC content search tool that provides relevant, contextual content based on the work you are doing at the time. You can boost your assignment results by using Autology to place appropriate educational resources from leading media companies imageand educators at your fingertips.

Science Photo Library

Science Photo Library's Free Educational Starter Pack is a selection of scientific images and video clips that will assist you in creating lesson plans, stimulating class discussion and building engaging presentations and handouts.

You can only get these free resources through the Learning Suite from the Partners in Learning Network – and more importantly they are only available through the UK version of Learning Suite

You will need a Windows Live ID, or Facebook ID or Gmail ID or Yahoo ID to create imageyour profile. Next click on Learning Suite by Microsoft link. On the next page click the download for free button.


imageThe next stage is important in getting the correct version. When Learning Suite begins it’simage installation process,  make sure the region selected is ‘United Kingdom(English). When the Learning Suite has installed you will have  access to some of our great free applications, and to the free content from these partners, by clicking on the Microsoft Partners Tab.



If you have already installed the UK version of Learning Suite, then run it again and it will update itself and add the partner tab.

If you are looking for support resources for many of the applications in the Learning Suite then, you should check out our YouTube Channel. This Learning Suite playlist has over 20, 3-5 minute videos created by Teachers explaining how to use these applications in the classroom.

Download Learning Suite for free resources and applications from Microsoft –

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