PowerPoint Power Ups #1– LiveWeb View add-in

imageThis is series of posts prompted by a recent tweet from Mike McSharry - @mikemcsharry , asking for some inspiring ideas for Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, it’s very easy to criticise the use of Microsoft PowerPoint and suggest other alternatives, but from experience those just end up getting used in the same way, with flashing, spinning animations, bright colours and loads of text for example. This video perfectly highlights the traps and pitfalls that presenters, be they students or teachers often fall into.

So here in my first add-in that I think can add something to yours and student’s presentations. Having to  ‘jump’ out of a presentation using a key combination or hyperlink can be a little distracting when presenting, so the LiveWeb View add-in is a great tool. It allows you to add a website directly to a PowerPoint slide, meaning that you do not have to leave your presentation to view or update the website.

The add in uses a macro and can be downloaded from this link.


Then follow these simple instructions.

1. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder.
2. Launch PowerPoint.
3. Click on Tools | Add-ins to bring up the add-ins window.
4. Click on Add to bring up the 'Add New PowerPoint Add-in' dialog box.
5. Navigate to the folder where the contents of the zip file was extracted and select 'LiveWeb.ppa' and click on OK.
6. You might be prompted with the macro virus warning. Enable the macros. When the Add-in is properly loaded, it will display a 'X' against the add-in name.
7. That's it. You have successfully loaded the add-in. Now put it to use.


This slide from my BETT presentation shows the new Partners in Learning Network site LIVE in the slide. This means you can also use other PowerPoint features such as animations, alongside the site you are showing.

You can find a lot more out about how teachers are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in innovative ways in the classroom on our YouTube Channel.

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