Bring Oceans Our Blue Planet to your classroom

 Microsoft Education, in partnership with BBC learning, is excited to announce a brand new page dedicated to providing four hands-on STEM lesson plans that develop future ready skills. Teaching our young people about our ocean and how important it is, is one of the first big steps to protecting it for our future generations. 



Build Future Ready Skills in your classroom by engaging students with four big questions:


Spark interest in STEM with Minecraft: Education Edition, Hacking STEM, Microsoft MakeCode, Paint 3D, Remix 3D, and Mixed Reality Viewer to bring these lesson plans to your classroom. Engage students in documenting and reflecting with Office 365 Education tools.

Start using these free, standards-aligned lesson plans written by teachers for teachers today! 
Each lesson plan explores a scientific phenomenon which focuses on specific learning targets and includes reflection and documentation activities supported by an archive of stills and video clips.

Visit the Microsoft Education Page now to access the lesson plans.

We can't wait to see what teachers and schools around the world do with these amazing resources. Be sure to keep us informed of your journeys using the #MicrosoftEdu and @microsofteduk. 

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