Empower every student with an inclusive classroom

As a teacher, spreading the word about inclusive classrooms, is something I feel extremely passionate about. It amazes me how many schools and teachers are still unaware of all of the fantastic FREE resources available from Microsoft Education in Windows 10 and Office 365.

Microsoft, as a company, are dedicated to making it easier to empower every student to achieve with their tools designed for inclusivity. Yet, time and time again, I'm still faced with teachers across the UK who simply know nothing of amazing tools such as Immersive Reader or Microsoft Translator.

Therefore it is our duty, as fellow users of Microsoft in Education, to shout loud and proud and spread the word far and wide across our schools and to teachers around the UK. 

The Microsoft Educator Community (MEC), is a fantastic resource that we can use to do just that. Full of CPD material to train teachers in the latest Microsoft Education tools and connect them with other educators around the world so that they can collaborate and open up their classroom walls.

Just last week, the MEC released a brand new course focused around inclusivity, 'Empower every student with an inclusive classroom'. Thus providing the perfect tool in which we can not only spread the word about inclusive classrooms but also ensure teachers old and new are trained in how to use this range of tools across Office 365 and Windows 10. 

Course Description

This course is designed for educators of all subject areas who want to empower students to utilize tools to unlock their full potential by addressing a diversity of needs.


  • Practice creating an accessible and personalized experience in Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Learn the tools and apps available to create accessible content
  • Understand the importance of personalizing the learning device


It is imperative that teachers empower students with the tools to create a learning environment that is inclusive, engaging and easy to use. Built-in accessibility solutions from Microsoft help reduce the stigma of learning challenges and provide students with the tools they need to fully engage with their curricula, classmates, and teachers in powerful new ways.


Visit the Microsoft Educator Community to complete this course now and earn your badge! 

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