BCS Education Bursary to celebrate Alan Turing Centenary

This year is the Turing centenary,  So, to commemorate this BCS has launched a BCS Education Bursary www.bcs.org/bcsbursary

The idea of the British Computer Science Education Bursary is to promote the importance of computer science as an academic discipline. Schools, further education colleges and universities in the UK can apply for funds of either £500 or £1000 that will help them deliver training or support projects that will encourage learners to benefit from computer or computing related studies.

Examples of the sort of thing they might fund: Set up an after-school club; Fund a teacher day out with an IT professional; Run an entrepreneur group for undergraduates; Book a teacher on a training event.

To apply, complete the online application form and tell the BCS about your proposed project and how you plan to measure its success.

There will be something like thirty to fifty of these, so if your interested make sure you get the application in on time. The closing date for applications is 1st June 2012.

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