Turing-Tape Games: A Challenge in Algorithmic Problem Solving


There are many things I don’t understand, but that doesn’t stop me admiring the brilliance of those that can solve problems using advanced logic and mathematics.

I have already mentioned that 2012 is ‘Alan Turing Year’ and to celebrate this centenary, a group from Nottingham University have developed a collection of one-person games played on a Turing tape. ( What is a “Turing tape” ?)

The games have infinitely many instances; the team will be posing a large number of them for you to solve in the coming weeks and months. The website shows an example and has the details of the competition.

So if you are looking for a real challenge for your Maths and computer science students then why not register for this competition. The competition has three categories for pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate students and the first prize in each category is £150.

….. and if anybody can tell me how these things are solved in a simple sentence then I would be most grateful. Enjoy!

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