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What is a Teach the Teachers Meet?
imageDigital Leaders, a group of students at Fulford School are set to host a unique event to showcase how classrooms can be brought into the digital age. The Teach the teachers Meet, taking place June 28, will be an opportunity for students to show teachers how it can be done. Students of all ages will present and share their ideas on technology as an educational tool to an audience of teachers and education professionals.
Usually organised by teachers around the country as a way of networking and sharing good practice in teaching with technology, this TeachMeet, a kind of unconference, is the first of its kind to be planned and presented entirely by students. Major sponsorship has been brought in by the Digital Leaders from industry giants such as Microsoft Partners in Learning.

A-level student and project manager of the event, Mikey Carr said “the event itself is concerned with education and technology. The combination of the two is, we believe, extremely powerful and will enable education to be enhanced dramatically… It’s essentially a student voice encompassed into an event”.

The Teach the Teachers Meet event at Fulford School in York has been arranged by eight pupils, known as Digital Leaders but who are we? 
We are students interested in technology as a means to lead the way in digital innovations in education. Since establishing the scheme at Fulford in January 2011, our team have been involved in such projects as training staff, monitoring ICT suites, running special interest clubs, renovating the school website and exploring the ways in which video, mobile and web technology can positively transform the learning experience to name but a few.
Outside of school, the Digital Leaders have presented and trained teachers, educators student teachers in Universities, Primary schools and national conferences. The culmination of the last year’s work, will be the Teach the Teachers Meet and  will provide an opportunity for the students to recount their experiences as Digital Leaders to education experts. The Digital Leaders will also have the chance to present and debate the ideas that they have generated through their work alongside other Digital Leaders, PGCE students and Microsoft, whose headquarters they visited last year.

So how can you get involved?
Either come along as a curious teacher/educator, bring students to speak or to be part of the audience. Or if you can’t make it, the event is going to be live streamed, with the hope of using the student-led Fulford event as a model to other schools. (Keep an eye on #TtTMeet hashtag on Twitter for the link).

Teach theTeachers Meet Fulford School, York, 28 June from 4.30pm- 6.30pm.
Featuring a range of guest speakers, with keynote from Bob Harrison, the Teach Meet is open to anyone with an interest in discovering new perspectives on education.
For more information go to:
To register your attendance go to: http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/w/page/51576373/Sign%20Up%20Here%21
Any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch on either @FulfordDLs or fulforddl@gmail.com

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